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  • Our technical team comprises highly experienced IT experts, engineers, technicians, and specialists in various fields.

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Our company is all set to serve for needs in ASIC Design, Embedded Systems and firmware development.

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Our company is a fast growing Semiconductor design services company with solid expertise in providing IP based solutions..

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Our company provides total solutions for a given requirement, which may include hardware board design, embedded software development, FPGA design, systems integration and customized turnkey solutions

Semiconductor intellectual property (IP) blocks, also known as IP cores, are reusable design components that are used to build advanced integrated circuits (ICs). It is typically impossible to create new IC designs without pre-designed IP blocks as a starting point 

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What Makes Us Different?

It's Technology In The Right Hands.

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Semiconductor Intellectual Property company is a great place to work.We believe in providing a peaceful working environment for our staff.

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